Think Like a Creative Strategist To Get Greater Response Out of Your Audiences

It wasn’t that long ago.  There was no Internet.  There were no funnels.  No social media.  No smartphones.  The primary medium was print advertising. Ad agencies were staffed with the brightest creative minds and the most studied designers in the world.  Their strategy was straightforward: Interrupt them: make people stop and look at you. Designs and concepts had to be compelling, attractive and hit the mark. Seed thought: get them thinking in a certain direction.   [...]

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Could it Be? The Curse of Oak Island.

If you read my post “Pirate Island, Part One“, you’d know I’m a guy who likes to dig in the mud and look for treasure.  So of course, I love watching The Curse of Oak Island. I first heard the story the same way show’s star Rick did – in Reader’s Digest.  I was probably about 9 years old, and my mom took me to the dentist.  They had converted an old row house into   [...]

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Mobile Ain’t About the Device.

You’ve got your new responsive website.  And your martech platforms auto-convert for you, so your other stuff also looks great on desktop, tablets and phones.  Yeah, baby! You’re marketing like it’s 2020! Or are you? Here’s the thing: “mobile” isn’t about the device.  It’s about the environment your audience is in when they are consuming your content. That 350-word boilerplate “about us” statement you wrote for your website?  It looks so nice on your brand   [...]

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It’s All Greek To Me.

Here’s some Greek text.  But why does it have to be Greek?  Why not random jibberish in any language you don’t understand?  It would still be “Greek to you”, right?   Seriously, this stuff must drive people in Greece crazy.  I have no idea what the words below translate to.  But the poor Greeks.  They are just cruising the web and they come across a website under construction – but to them, it seems finished.   [...]

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Pirate Island, Part One

For ten years, we’ve called it “Pirate Island”.  The scallywag pirates are thick there, and always just out of sight behind the tall reeds.  During the years prior to me having kids, it was known as Flat Island, and actually still is. It’s a true island in the bay, less than half a mile off the near-center point of Long Beach Island’s town of Ship Bottom, and just 2,980 feet long and 1,755 feet wide   [...]

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I Met The Jersey Devil

Here’s a story about a run-in with The Jersey Devil that actually got discovered and published…fiction or not? You be the judge. I’d traveled across the Pine Barrens of New Jersey hundreds of times before.  Trips to the shore from my hometown across the state cut through the pines over Route 72, a single road with two-way traffic.  This night, I was behind the wheel and not in the backseat with my younger sister.  I’d turned   [...]

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